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Reducing Birth Defect : Meeting The Challenge in Developing Countrie

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Panitia Pelantikan Lulusan Dokter FKUI 2008 bekerjasama dengan Center for Indonesian Medical Students Activities (CIMSA) menyelenggarakan seminar nasional yang bertemakan :

Reducing Birth Defect : Meeting The Challenge in Developing Countries

Hari /  tanggal    : Sabtu-Minggu / 18-19 Oktober 2008
Tempat                : Ruang Anatomi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia
                                Jalan Salemba Raya No. 6, Jakarta Pusat
Waktu                : Pk. 08.00 – selesai
Topics :
·         Keynote Lecture : The Global Impact of Birth Defect in Developing Countries
·         Keynote Lecture : Increasing Genetics Literacy for Health Care Professional
·         Hemoglobinopathy and Thalassaemia
·         Down Sydrome and Other Chromosomal Disorders
·         Congenital Heart Defect
·         Congenital Deafness
·         Congenital Blindness
·         Cleft Lip and Palate
·         Neural Tube Defect
·         Individual-teratogen-associated Birth Defect
·         Congenital Infection, Maternal Illness and Altered Maternal Metabolism
·         Overview of Surgical Repair, Neurodevelopmental Therapy and Enzyme Replacement Therapy
·         Future of Stem Cell Therapy for Treatment of Birth Defect
·         Prevention of Birth Defect : Family Planning and Basic Reproductive Health Approaches
·         Nutrition during Preconception and Pregnancy
·         Newborn Screening for Birth Defect
Speakers :
                    1. Prof. dr. Sangkot Marzuki, MSc, PhD
                    2. Prof.Dr.dr. Wahyuning Ramelan, Sp.And
                    3. dr. Iswari Setianingsih, SpA, PhD
                    4. dr. Bambang Tridjaja, Sp.A (K), MMPaed
                    5. dr. Semiramis Zyzlawsky, Sp.THT-KL
                    6. dr. Pustika Amalia, SpA (K)
                    7. dr. Titis Prawitasari, SpA
                    8. dr. Rita Sitorus, Sp.M(K), PhD
                    9. dr. Noroyono Wibowo, Sp.OG (K)
                    10. dr. Sastiono, SpB, Sp.BA
                    11. dr. Ahmad Aulia Jusuf, PhD
                    12. dr. Luh Karunia Wahyuni, Sp.RM
                    13. dr. Seno Adjie, SpOG (K)
                    14. dr. Sukman Tulus Putra, Sp. A(K)
                    15. dr. Theddeus OH Prasetyono, Sp. B, Sp.BP
                    16. dr. Daryo W. Soemitro, Sp.BS
Seminar ini terakreditasi IDI 8 SKP.
Registration Fee :
Medical Students (FKUI) : Rp. 150.000 ( 50 participants only)
Medical Students, Nurse, Midwife : Rp. 200.000
General Practitioner : Rp. 250.000
Specialist : Rp. 350.000
Ticket Box :
Indira Theresia ( 0816785209 / 98591185 )
Feby Runtulalo ( 08158752480 / 93058891)
Senat Mahasiswa FKUI / Mbak Mimin ( 085280116240 / 3920249)
To all of you who want to acquire a deeper knowledge on genetics in medical
practice you can follow this link http://www.who.int/genomics
There you’ll find tons of links to useful resources. Enjoy it
Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia
Project Coordinator Genetics Revolution : From Genomics To Medical Practice
Standing Commitee on Medical Education
Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities
Mailing Address : Jalan Salemba Bluntas No 119-B Jakarta Pusat 10440, Indonesia
email :

skype : harry.lesmana
Ph : +62 812 7137384


Terima kash untuk: dr. Astrid Pratidina Susilo atas informasinya 🙂


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October 14, 2008 at 2:04 am

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